Brand Partners


Line 7 is thrilled to unveil an exciting collaboration with Coastguard, solidifying our shared dedication to advancing water safety and bolstering the efforts of our devoted volunteers.

At Line 7, our endeavours are centred around people, both on and off the water. We find immense value in partnering with organizations that are equally committed to making a positive impact on our communities. We take immense pride in joining forces with Coastguard, an organization that aligns seamlessly with our vision of empowering boat enthusiasts to savour every moment on the water.

Boasting a legacy dating back to 1963, Line 7 has been synonymous with cutting-edge, weather-resistant clothing. Our brand has graced the Whitbread around the world yacht race teams, adorned the 2000 NZ Olympic team, and been featured in the World Match Racing Tour, showcasing our enduring commitment to excellence. As a quintessentially Kiwi brand, we have weathered numerous storms alongside Coastguard volunteers, embodying a shared spirit of adventure, confidence, and innovative thinking to navigate through challenging conditions.

Robyn Rowley, Acting Head of Marketing and Communications, emphasized that Coastguard volunteers demand clothing that is not only durable and sustainable but can also withstand the harshest marine conditions – qualities for which Line 7 is renowned.

“We are eager to embark on this journey as Coastguard's chosen national uniform supplier, providing unwavering support to our volunteers as they continue their life-saving missions across Aotearoa, ensuring they do so with confidence and comfort,” Rowley stated.

Together, Line 7 and Coastguard anticipate a fruitful partnership, combining expertise and passion to further enhance water safety and support communities throughout New Zealand.


Polygiene™ is a finish that's applied to some of our garments which helps to control odours.

There are a number of benefits you'll enjoy from wearing one of our Polygiene treated products, including:

Body odour control. Polygiene keeps body odour smells away so you'll be able to keep wearing clothing longer.

Reduced environmental impact. Not needing to wash and dry your clothes as much will reduce energy and water use.

Increased lifetime of clothing. Polygiene reduces odour and the need to wash and dry clothing as much, these things are leading causes of fiber breakdown in your clothes.