Care Guide

Looking after your garments will not only keep them looking great but it will make them last a lot longer too.


When you are washing garments, have a look at the tag on the inside for the care instruction and follow closely

Wet Weather Garments

Washing your wet weather garments is a great way to extend their lifetime. Sometimes it is more important than others, for example; if products have been exposed to salt water/spray or you have been in muddy/grimy environment


  1. Rinse down the product like you would the boat or equipment, its ok to lightly brush off stubborn mud.
  2. Put the garments through a wash (be sure to follow care instructions) We would also recommend using a waterproof specific washing liquid too.
  3. If the care instructions allow, put them in the dryer on low heat, this can help re-invigorate water repellency.

Repair Patches

Some Line 7 products come with a repair kit (this is normally in an internal pocket)

Repair instructions

  1. Make sure tear or rip is clean and dry
  2. Peel off backer from fabric patch and place over the tear or rip
  3. Using a household iron at temperature of 120 for 15 seconds, iron over the fabric

Garment is ready to use