Barry Wilson, Founder of the Line 7 Brand.

Originally Barry made workwear but being a sailor he soon introduced product to the sailing world. Word spread about how good it was and the reputation started.

Line 7 quickly became a leader in PVC/PU welding technology and was building the some of best wet weather product of the time.

Line 7 became the choice among the some of the best sailors.

History Timeline

  • 1963 founded – Barry Wilson
  • 1977 Ted Turner wins Americas Cup in Line 7 product
  • 1980 Line 7 create a wet weather range for the Ag sector
  • 1987, 1992, 1995 Line 7 outfit the NZ and AU Americas Cup teams
  • 1998, Line 7 outfit the Whitbread around the world yacht race teams
  • 1998 Backcountry clothing range released
  • 2000 Line 7 provide uniform to the NZ Olympics team
  • 2002 The famous red sock for the Sir Peter Blake Trust was released (selling over 5000 pair in the first day)
  • 2007 Line 7 become the official World Match Racing Tour clothing supplier
  • 2018 LBH/Swanndri purchase Line 7
  • 2022 Line 7 release a new workwear range

Brand Story

Master your voyage.

The ocean is our element. Here in New Zealand, we’re surrounded by water, and we’ve shown the rest of the world we know how to enjoy it.

It’s the kind of mastery that comes from hard-earned knowledge and just having the knack. A spirit of adventure and an ability to think differently. The grit to outlast and the skill to succeed. And a little good fortune never goes amiss either.

Here at Line7, we’ve got that in spades. We’ve been making outstanding all-weather gear since 1963, and fair to say we’ve seen some storms. At times, we’ve even taken on a bit of water. But through it all, we’ve been able to steady the ship and still come out on top.

Being named after the seventh line on a captain’s hand - the length of which reflects the bearer’s luck – might have helped us there. But we reckon it’s about attitude as much as ability.

We reckon luck runs your way when you’re willing to get out there, give things a go, and enjoy the journey.

So that’s what we’re here to help people do. To give them the confidence, the curiosity, and the outstanding all-weather gear to get out there and master their own voyage.

We’re not just for round-the-world ocean racers or America’s cup winners either. We’re for everyone. From after work rum racers to weekend cruisers. From youngsters flipping optimists to their folks shivering on the shore. From farmers and fisho’s to hikers and dog walkers – and everyone in between.

We’re here to help you master your voyage, whatever it may be.

Brand Mission

Create world class performance and lifestyle gear, with a distinct New Zealand style that enables people to master their voyage no matter where it takes them.


Created with adaptability of use and durability in mind.

By engineering gear to last and including repairability kits in our products, Line 7 works harder for longer so gear doesn’t need to be replaced as often, reducing waste.

This build to last and built to repair approach is the foundation of our sustainable ambition. We support this by using recycled and natural materials and teaming up with sustainable partners, Polygiene and Better Cotton.